What will be corrected?

The safest and most honest way to enlarge the breasts is to give them more volume by an implant. Silicone inlays or push up bras can give the impression of larger breasts. Many women, however, feel ashamed when they have to undress.
The procedure starts with an incision under the nipple or in the sub-mammary fold. Through tis incision the implant is inserted either under the muscle or in front of it, depending on the individual anatomical condition.
We do not use autologous fat or other substances because this could hinder the diagnosis of breast cancer.
Augmentation by autologous tissue, taken from the back, abdomen or buttocks leaves large scars and have a high complication rate. We think is is in no relation to an aesthetic procedure. The implants used nowadays are safe due to the high viscosity of the silicon even in case of an implant rupture. Saline filled implants have a larger risk of rupture and the feeling is less natural.

Your benefits

The results of the breast increasment are immediately visible. This operation gives an instant feeling of self-confidence and will increase your quality of life.